Honey Lemon cosplay commission Update 1

Heyya Everyone!

Just posting a quick update on how my Honey Lemon commission is coming along. So far I’ve managed to plan out a pattern for her handbag, and have a basic idea of how I’m going to make her helmet.

For the handbag I checked out a few reference pictures of her bag, to get a feel for the basic shape and size of it, and also what details I will need to apply to it.


These are the ones I found the most useful, and looking at these, I started to measure and sketch out my first attempt at a template. I figured the best way to make it would be to make a front, back, base and 2 side pieces, then to have the front flap added on separately so it would have the most range of movement (last thing I waned was for her to be using it at an event and for the flap to break off, rendering the bag useless). I decided to make a mini version of the bag itself out of craft foam, just to see if my pattern idea would actually work, and thank God it did!

From doing this I realised 2 things, first; that the front and back pieces need to be slightly wider to accommodate the thickness of the side piece so they wouldn’t be seen, and second; that the front flap needed to be longer than I had made it, to make up for the amount it needs to bend over the front of the bag.

After making a few changes to my original pattern, I cut it out and pinned it onto an EVA foam tile. I figured this would be the best type of foam to use, as it’s not as porous as some of the others around, which would be a great benefit when it came to glueing it all together with contact adhesive. All pieces were then cut out with a craft knife and labelled so I knew which piece went where.

I’ll keep you all posted on how the bag is coming along as I make progress on it, next steps will be glueing it all together, priming, painting and making the closure flap, along with the heart panel for the front.
If any of you have found this useful so far, or have any things you would have done differently, leave me a comment! I love hearing how everyone else works and how you guys would go about things differently!

Much Love

Sabrina xXx