Shots From MCM London Oct 2016

Heyya Everyone!

Whilst at MCM last month, I met up with the other page models for ItsTheNerdyLife [here is the Instagram and Facebook links for the page]. And whilst we were all together, the page owner, Danny, took some shots of us in our cosplays.
I received mine yesterday and I absolutely adore them!! He has done such a fantastic job, and I am thrilled with how they have turned out. I cannot wait to get more photos taken by him in the future, as not only is he very talented, he is lovely to chat to, and makes you feel really comfortable an at ease.

Here are the shots he took of my Black Widow cosplay. If you wish to use any of them please message me first, and ensure that we both get credited for the images:-

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Danny’s photography pages are linked below, go and show him some love and tell him Brii sent you!

ItsTheNerdyPhotographer Instagram Page

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A Very Useful Site For Cosplayers & Photographers

Heyya Everyone!

Just wanted to share an awesome site I think will help a lot of you!

Have any of you had this issue; you go to cons, you get stopped by loads of people for pictures, but can never find them afterwards? Or you take an awesome picture of someone’s cosplay, but don’t remember their name afterwards to follow or tag them? I know I have, after every single con!


This awesome site allows you to post your favourite cosplays and pictures you’ve taken from conventions, and then you can credit the people who helped create them, like the photographer, the costume creator and makeup artist etc. It also allows people to comment on them, so if you are the cosplayer in the picture you can be credited.

I think in the lead up to MCM, it’s worth making an account at CosplayWon, so we can all find each other’s pictures! I’ve got mine and will be posting my pictures to it each evening of MCM this weekend! I find the site much easier to use if done on a PC or tablet, as it’s not yet optimised for mobile.

Much Love!


Lilith and Mordecai – MCM May 2016

Heyya everyone!

Sorry once again for the silence,  I get so distracted working on my costumes, caring for my Nan, wedding planning and updating my Instagram, that I keep forgetting to update my blog!
That changes now, for reals!

Since my last post was about the lead up to MCM in May, I’ll start there. My Lilith cosplay was updated for the event, and I finished my Mordecai commission for my client.
MCM was great fun as usual, and I got a brilliant shot of our two costumes together, taken my by Fiancee.

Made with Repix (

The highlight of our day was when Jason Liebrecht stopped us for pictures, and said that Karl was the best Mordecai he had ever seen! I was beyond proud!

I hope to organise a photoshoot with these costumes at the beginning of next year some time, and will keep you all updated when the images will be posted!

Much Love,


Conventions 2016

Heyya  Everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I will be attending MCM London Comic Con on:-

  • May 28th & 29th 2016. At the moment my planned cosplays are Lilith from Borderlands 2 on the Saturday (after a quick overhaul of the trousers and a quick fix on the shin armour), and most likely my Katniss wedding dress on the Sunday.


  • October 29th & 30th 2016. I will be attending this event in my upcoming GoGo Tomago cosplay and one other to be confirmed nearer the date.
MCM London Comic Con is held in the brilliant Excel Centre, on the Royal Victoria Docks. The tickets for the May 2016 date are available now to purchase here, get them while you can as they always sell out super fast!

I hope to see you all there as I haven’t seen a lot of you for a few months and I miss your faces! Let me know if any of you are going and on what days!

Much Love,