Shots From MCM London Oct 2016

Heyya Everyone!

Whilst at MCM last month, I met up with the other page models for ItsTheNerdyLife [here is the Instagram and Facebook links for the page]. And whilst we were all together, the page owner, Danny, took some shots of us in our cosplays.
I received mine yesterday and I absolutely adore them!! He has done such a fantastic job, and I am thrilled with how they have turned out. I cannot wait to get more photos taken by him in the future, as not only is he very talented, he is lovely to chat to, and makes you feel really comfortable an at ease.

Here are the shots he took of my Black Widow cosplay. If you wish to use any of them please message me first, and ensure that we both get credited for the images:-

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Danny’s photography pages are linked below, go and show him some love and tell him Brii sent you!

ItsTheNerdyPhotographer Instagram Page

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MCM London October 2016 Cosplay Plans

Heyya  Everyone!

As a lot of time has passed since my last update, we are almost at the weekend of MCM October, which I am attending next Saturday and Sunday.
As I am still on my gap year from work, I have had extra time to care for my family, sort the plans for our wedding, and work on my costumes – and as such, both my costumes for the convention are ready with over a week to go!

I will be attending MCM London on the Saturday as Blind Mag from Repo! A Genetic Opera, and the Sunday as Black Widow from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

However, if the weather stays as cold as it has been the past few days, I will be bringing Black Widow on both days. I will post an update on my Instagram and Facebook the morning of MCM to show which costumes I am wearing on the day.

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I also have some of my commissions there aswell, Emma will be wearing the Melisandre and Maya costumes she commissioned from me, posts on how I made them, and what she will look like should you want to keep an eye out for her, will be posted soon.

If you see me at the convention, please come up and say Heyy, as I love meeting you all!

Much Love,