Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice review

Heyya Everyone!

Yesterday evening myself a group of friends finally got round to seeing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. This post may contain spoilers for those of you who haven’t yet seen it, so please be warned!


It’s worth noting that I went into this film with very low expectations, with my biggest gripe being that so much was shown in the trailer; we knew that Doomsday would be the main villain fight, we saw how Wonder Woman came into it, and we saw that Lex Luthor already knew the identity of both heroes.
It’s a common thing nowadays for an upcoming movie to have numerous trailers, however I really dislike this – take Avengers: Age of Ultron as an example, if all the trailers they released were watched one after the other, you easily had about half of the films scenes shown. I miss the days where one trailer was made, and you could go into the film excited and speculating about what may happen plot-wise; not see the build up and think “oh, this is where so-and-so comes in”. I prefer to be surprised, however with social media being as dominant as it is, it is virtually impossible to not have things spoilt. I avoided watching any of the Civil War trailers after the first one, however I went on Instagram one day to post up a new picture, and bam, a big old picture of Spiderman from the new trailer. I wanted to launch my phone across the room, why did that need to be shown in the trailer? How much more amazing would it have been to go in and watch it, and then to see  Spiderman’s entrance, the whole cinema would have gasped and cheered.  Alas, no.

Anyway,  I digress. Personally I found the whole storyline of Dawn of Justice to be rather dull, for a considerable amount of the film, nothing substantial happens. For a superhero action movie, there were only 3 fight scenes, all of which felt incredibly drawn out and strained. I have never been a fan of Superman but I enjoyed Man of Steel, however in this film, Superman felt like such a wooden character with very little emotion, even during his scenes with Lois, there was no real connection, their love and bond felt fake. Also during the Doomsday fight, there was no drive, no anger from Superman – this creature had the capability to destroy the world and everyone on it, a world he chose to protect, and yet he just seemed to be going through the motions with very little feeling. This is in no way an attack on Henry Cavill or Amy Adams, as I think they are both terrific actors, but as an actor you can only so much when the script and directing is so poor.

From the initial released cast information, I will admit my biggest worry of the film was Ben Affleck as Batman – I just didn’t feel he was the right choice. However in my personal opinion, he was the best part of the film. He had the mannerisms and attitude of Bruce Wayne perfect, and as Batman he looked the part, I liked the voice and he had that strength and drive, the willingness to go to any length to one-up Superman. He was a very believable Batman, and it was great to see him flourish in this role.
I also thought that Jeremy Irons did a brilliant job as Alfred, he had just the right mix of humour and attitude, whilst still remaining caring and protective of Bruce. He also has one of the most amazing voices, and a voice I recognise the second I hear it.
Another excellent casting choice was Jesse Eisenberg as Alexander Luthor, Lex Luthor’s son – his acting in this role was amazing. Granted he was the only character who was really fleshed out and the  one given the biggest range of emotion – all of his lines were brilliant, especially the speech in the dinner party, he gave it his all and you could really feel the desperation and obsession with taking out Superman, and how he would do anything to destroy the false God once and for all.
Although I really loved watching him, I couldn’t help but feel that at times, he started to verge almost into a Joker-like persona, mainly during his big speeches where his mannerisms and tone changed, he reminded me of Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight, and especially in the final scene in the prison. That maniacal laughter as it faded out would have been perfect for the Joker, it didn’t work so much with Alexander.

I enjoyed watching Wonder Woman, for the brief moments she was in the film; I feel she could have been in the film for a bit longer, her fighting in the last fight scene was very convincing, even if every time she moved she grunted and screamed like a tennis player. Gal Gadot was a good casting choice for Wonder Woman, although I still believe that she should have been more muscular – let’s not forget that Diana Prince was an Amazonian princess and is known for her strength and Demigod status, I feel more powerful thighs wouldn’t have gone amiss!

Overall I think it was a tolerable film, with an average plot and poor scripting. The actors did a good job with what they were given to work with. I won’t be buying this on Blu-Ray when it comes out as I don’t think I fancy sitting through it again.

Let me know what you guys thought of the film, it will be interesting to get your take on how it was.

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