Shots From MCM London Oct 2016

Heyya Everyone!

Whilst at MCM last month, I met up with the other page models for ItsTheNerdyLife [here is the Instagram and Facebook links for the page]. And whilst we were all together, the page owner, Danny, took some shots of us in our cosplays.
I received mine yesterday and I absolutely adore them!! He has done such a fantastic job, and I am thrilled with how they have turned out. I cannot wait to get more photos taken by him in the future, as not only is he very talented, he is lovely to chat to, and makes you feel really comfortable an at ease.

Here are the shots he took of my Black Widow cosplay. If you wish to use any of them please message me first, and ensure that we both get credited for the images:-

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Danny’s photography pages are linked below, go and show him some love and tell him Brii sent you!

ItsTheNerdyPhotographer Instagram Page

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MCM London Comic Con October 2016

Heyya Everyone!

So the MCM weekend has passed, and I’ve had such a fantastic time! On the Saturday I was Blind Mag from the movie Repo! A Gentic Opera. This costume was a lot of fun to make, and I loved the overall look, however the boots I had which were screen accurate, were absolute agony to walk in after about 2 hours. I brought a pair of thigh high flat boots with me to change into, but by then the damage was done. We only stayed till about 1:30pm, so unfortunately I missed meeting up with a lot of people, even though I kept an eye out for them. The only person I was able to locate was Ash from AMG Piper Props, we had been Snapchatting our builds to each other in the lead up to MCM, and I was desperate to see his Charizard armour! It was incredible up close, the shading and texture on it was so detailed, I was in awe!


I was there with my friend Emma, who was wearing the Melisandre dress she had commissioned me to make, and she looked amazing in it!! We will be organising a photoshoot together once I finish off my Daenerys dress for May 2017.


On the Sunday,  I went as Black Widow from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I absolutely ADORE this costume, I am so so proud of how it turned out! Not only is it incredibly accurate, it is immensely comfortable for all day wear, and I can see myself bringing her to many future cons!


I managed to find a lot more people this time round, and managed to attend a meet up of the other page models in ItsTheNerdyLife. We have all become so close, like a family unit, and it was amazing to meet them all in person. We have a few cosplay plans together for next year, and I am so excited to see how they all turn out!

Danny, the founder of ItsTheNerdyLife, took some amazing photos of our group, and of my costume – and I absolutely adore how they have turned out!! He is a great photographer, and such a lovely person, we had an awesome chat whilst shooting, and I cannot wait to work with him again!

One of my highlights was the Iron Throne Experience, who were at MCM. I sat on the Throne with my Black Widow cosplay, and the pictures were awesome! I really hope they come back for the May MCM, as I will be wearing my Daenerys cosplay, complete with Drogon, and it would make for one hell of a picture!


Overall it was another successful MCM, and I am looking forward to May and October next year! I will soon be starting my builds for 2017, So be sure to follow my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to follow them as I work!

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A Very Useful Site For Cosplayers & Photographers

Heyya Everyone!

Just wanted to share an awesome site I think will help a lot of you!

Have any of you had this issue; you go to cons, you get stopped by loads of people for pictures, but can never find them afterwards? Or you take an awesome picture of someone’s cosplay, but don’t remember their name afterwards to follow or tag them? I know I have, after every single con!


This awesome site allows you to post your favourite cosplays and pictures you’ve taken from conventions, and then you can credit the people who helped create them, like the photographer, the costume creator and makeup artist etc. It also allows people to comment on them, so if you are the cosplayer in the picture you can be credited.

I think in the lead up to MCM, it’s worth making an account at CosplayWon, so we can all find each other’s pictures! I’ve got mine and will be posting my pictures to it each evening of MCM this weekend! I find the site much easier to use if done on a PC or tablet, as it’s not yet optimised for mobile.

Much Love!


MCM London October 2016 Cosplay Plans

Heyya  Everyone!

As a lot of time has passed since my last update, we are almost at the weekend of MCM October, which I am attending next Saturday and Sunday.
As I am still on my gap year from work, I have had extra time to care for my family, sort the plans for our wedding, and work on my costumes – and as such, both my costumes for the convention are ready with over a week to go!

I will be attending MCM London on the Saturday as Blind Mag from Repo! A Genetic Opera, and the Sunday as Black Widow from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

However, if the weather stays as cold as it has been the past few days, I will be bringing Black Widow on both days. I will post an update on my Instagram and Facebook the morning of MCM to show which costumes I am wearing on the day.

Processed with MOLDIV

I also have some of my commissions there aswell, Emma will be wearing the Melisandre and Maya costumes she commissioned from me, posts on how I made them, and what she will look like should you want to keep an eye out for her, will be posted soon.

If you see me at the convention, please come up and say Heyy, as I love meeting you all!

Much Love,


Lilith and Mordecai – MCM May 2016

Heyya everyone!

Sorry once again for the silence,  I get so distracted working on my costumes, caring for my Nan, wedding planning and updating my Instagram, that I keep forgetting to update my blog!
That changes now, for reals!

Since my last post was about the lead up to MCM in May, I’ll start there. My Lilith cosplay was updated for the event, and I finished my Mordecai commission for my client.
MCM was great fun as usual, and I got a brilliant shot of our two costumes together, taken my by Fiancee.

Made with Repix (

The highlight of our day was when Jason Liebrecht stopped us for pictures, and said that Karl was the best Mordecai he had ever seen! I was beyond proud!

I hope to organise a photoshoot with these costumes at the beginning of next year some time, and will keep you all updated when the images will be posted!

Much Love,


Honey Lemon cosplay commission Update 1

Heyya Everyone!

Just posting a quick update on how my Honey Lemon commission is coming along. So far I’ve managed to plan out a pattern for her handbag, and have a basic idea of how I’m going to make her helmet.

For the handbag I checked out a few reference pictures of her bag, to get a feel for the basic shape and size of it, and also what details I will need to apply to it.


These are the ones I found the most useful, and looking at these, I started to measure and sketch out my first attempt at a template. I figured the best way to make it would be to make a front, back, base and 2 side pieces, then to have the front flap added on separately so it would have the most range of movement (last thing I waned was for her to be using it at an event and for the flap to break off, rendering the bag useless). I decided to make a mini version of the bag itself out of craft foam, just to see if my pattern idea would actually work, and thank God it did!

From doing this I realised 2 things, first; that the front and back pieces need to be slightly wider to accommodate the thickness of the side piece so they wouldn’t be seen, and second; that the front flap needed to be longer than I had made it, to make up for the amount it needs to bend over the front of the bag.

After making a few changes to my original pattern, I cut it out and pinned it onto an EVA foam tile. I figured this would be the best type of foam to use, as it’s not as porous as some of the others around, which would be a great benefit when it came to glueing it all together with contact adhesive. All pieces were then cut out with a craft knife and labelled so I knew which piece went where.

I’ll keep you all posted on how the bag is coming along as I make progress on it, next steps will be glueing it all together, priming, painting and making the closure flap, along with the heart panel for the front.
If any of you have found this useful so far, or have any things you would have done differently, leave me a comment! I love hearing how everyone else works and how you guys would go about things differently!

Much Love

Sabrina xXx