About Me

My name is Sabrina Carlotti, also known as BriiMassacre.

I started this Blog up as a way to show people how I go about making my costumes and props, and the materials/techniques I use.
I also use it as my main way of keeping you all in the loop of the conventions I will be attending, and stating when my commission spaces are open.

I’m 24 years old and living in Kent, UK. I currently build and create all of my costumes out of my workshop in my garage, and love my hobby as it’s an amazing way to express my creativity. My dream is to one day¬†become a costume designer for stage and screen.
I am also a fully trained make-up artist, and will soon be attending courses for SPFX.

In time I will be setting up both an eBay and an Etsy store, from which I will sell my smaller props to start with, and hopefully in the future some full costumes of selected characters.

I hope this Blog is useful to you and that you enjoy what I write!

Much Love,