A Very Useful Site For Cosplayers & Photographers

Heyya Everyone!

Just wanted to share an awesome site I think will help a lot of you!

Have any of you had this issue; you go to cons, you get stopped by loads of people for pictures, but can never find them afterwards? Or you take an awesome picture of someone’s cosplay, but don’t remember their name afterwards to follow or tag them? I know I have, after every single con!


This awesome site allows you to post your favourite cosplays and pictures you’ve taken from conventions, and then you can credit the people who helped create them, like the photographer, the costume creator and makeup artist etc. It also allows people to comment on them, so if you are the cosplayer in the picture you can be credited.

I think in the lead up to MCM, it’s worth making an account at CosplayWon, so we can all find each other’s pictures! I’ve got mine and will be posting my pictures to it each evening of MCM this weekend! I find the site much easier to use if done on a PC or tablet, as it’s not yet optimised for mobile.

Much Love!



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